About this Edition (2021)

Here are the facts that you may be interested in :

  • The festival this year is in hybrid format with films from (or concerning) India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, South Africa, Canada and USA. All films are subtitled in English and/or French.
  • On-site presentations of some movies on five days (one day in Cineplex Forum and the other four days at Cinémathèque Québécoise)
  • Virtual presentation of many other movies on all days of the festival, registration through our website, see Films Schedule and Ticketing pages
  • Most of the films are free to watch, donations welcome!

Features and themes :

  • one day devoted to the iconic Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray
  • one day devoted to late Shahin Parhami, the Iranian-Canadian filmmaker
  • Films about Covid Times
  • Films about Aging and society
  • Family Drama
  • Crime Thrillers
  • Patriarchy & Gender parity
  • LGBTQ perspectives
  • And more

All on-site presentations followed by discussions with filmmakers and invited panelists.
See video to get a flavour of the festival!