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Volunteer for SAFFM 2018 and become the backbone of this dynamic festival!


Volunteers have an opportunity to see how a festival comes together and the chance to interact with audiences and a very diverse and talented group of filmmakers and film industry executives. And don’t forget, as a volunteer you get to earn tickets to watch some incredible films!

Our exceptionally talented and dedicated volunteers are the heart of our organization and are vital to the success of the Festival each and every year. Festival Volunteers assist in a variety of roles in the following areas:

Theatre Venues: provide customer service and front-of-house assistance including, but not limited to, managing lineups, scanning tickets, ushering, offering information about Festival Programming, assist with various administrative and operational tasks at Film venues, and encouraging the public to vote for the Best Film, Audience Choice Awards.

Social Media Managers: To update and manage various digital platforms about the festival. Live chats and uploads during the Festival, Spreading Awareness about the Festival and increasing the audience participation online.

Photography and Video Volunteers: We encourage Media and film Students to volunteer in this section by taking pictures, recording bytes. The material shot can be made into a show reel which the students can use for their own portfolio. This would be uploaded on our official website too!

Business Development Volunteers: This is for those with a Business Acumen and Great Marketing skills. To identify, build a dedicated team of donors and gather advertising for the event. SAFFAM has its own Magazine that features all those who donate and buy advertisements for the Festival!

If you’re interested in volunteering in any of the above areas
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