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Title: Behind the Bhangra Boys
Director: Nance Ackerman
Country: Canada
Duration: 53 min

Language: English with French subtitles
Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary
Format: Digital

Behind the Bhangra Boys is a joyous look at culture, immigration, activism and community through the experience of the Maritime Bhangra Group. Going beyond the dance and viral videos, we follow the group as they seek connections in First Nations communities to raise awareness for Climate Change and our planet.


Nance Ackerman

Nance Ackerman Nance Ackerman is a documentary photographer by trade and a filmmaker by choice. Nance started freelancing at Canada’s National Newspaper, the Globe and Mail and then moved on to the Toronto Star, NYTimes, Canadian Geographic, the Montreal Gazette and now she works with the National Film Board of Canada and other production companies across the country. Her books and photographs have been shown around the world and her documentaries receive global critical acclaim. A director, cinematographer, editor and music composer, she works to create films that are experiential and cinematic. Her international photo workshops take students to some of the planet’s most remote communities. In her spontaneous engaging way, she tries to connect people to create a more caring world.


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